About Us

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Helping ambitious, young entrepreneurs get a business off to a flying start in the real world and have the staying power to see it through.


Your goals are our goals: Quest strongly encourages entrepreneurship because it breeds personal responsibility which improves society.


Working systematically to release/focus your entrepreneurial energy to turn your chaos into control.


An accountant isn’t simply someone that you send your paperwork to. An accountant should be someone you can call when you have questions; someone who you can meet with when you need some advice or just feel that you need to talk things through.


Our values as an accountancy practice are simple yet significant.


Grit | Whatever the circumstance we operate with a strong focus on mettle and resolve.

Fire | We work to maintain and build upon the entrepreneurial fire you evoke.

Listen first | What’s your reality? Give it to us straight without fear of being patronised.

Initiative | We work to anticipate and resolve problems, always on the search for solutions.



Quest for better at Quest Chartered Management Consultants.

Nick Bonnaud ACMA

Nick Bonnaud, Director



Quest was established in 2003 by chartered management accountant Nick Bonnaud.

Originally hailing from the West Midlands, Nick graduated as a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the University of Liverpool. He then trained and qualified as a chartered management accountant, not in practice but in industry; as such he sees the world from a business point of view and understands commercial realities. He is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Though he worked for eight years in the world of blue-chip corporations such as National Grid (at the time trading as Transco) and IBM, Nick found that working for faceless corporations ignited no real passion. What he did discover was that the real passion came from helping the entrepreneur – smaller businesses without the set-in-stone stability of a national or international giant – where the help he provided could really make a difference to individuals.

Since its foundation almost a decade ago, Quest has continued to work with small and medium-sized organizations, making a real difference to those companies where everything really does count.