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We'll help you pay less tax, keep more money in your pocket, get your tax return in on time and grow your business.

"Quest are very efficient and helpful. Always quick to answer any queries and very knowledgeable. I appreciate how they have helped my business."
Amy Palmer testimonial for Quest Charatered management Accountants in Birmingham
Amy Palmer
"This is a company you can put your trust in. Totally professional and super efficient with great attention to detail. Highly recommended."
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Nicolas Wern
"Quest are highly professional, personable and provide great advice helping to save me time and money with my tax affairs and annual returns."
Blagica's 5* review of Quest accountants in Birmingham city centre

Hate doing your business accounts, tax returns and dealing with HMRC? Want to pay less tax?

We understand that you just want to get on with running your business, avoiding the stress and hassle of doing your accounts. Not to mention the frustration of dealing with HMRC.

Want someone to do it all for you?

Quest are experienced Washwood Heath accountants that have helped hundreds of local businesses pay less tax, keep more money in their pockets and get their tax returns in on time, avoiding stress and costly fines from HMRC.

We’re proud to have served local businesses in Birmingham for over 15 years, including the following local areas: Nechells, Vauxhall, Bordesley Green, Aston, Stockland Green, Birchfield, Sparkbrook, Erdington, Newtown, Birmingham.

Call us on 0121 2350315 for a chat to find out how we can help make your life easier, pay less tax and grow your business.

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Discover how Quest Washwood Heath Accountants can help grow YOUR business

Tax Accountant

Running a business means you are affected by many taxes. Let us make it easy so you can save money and focus on running your business.

Self Assessment

Your personal tax return can be maximised by claiming all relevant expenses which means less tax for HMRC and more in your pockets.

Business Tax

The tax on your your income can be minimised and spread over several years. We can ensure that you’re not paying more tax than required.

New Business

Starting a new business? Get your accounts in order from the beginning to avoid any expensive mistakes down the track.

VAT Returns

Value Added Tax added to products and services sold within the EU and compulsory for all businesses with a turnover of £85,000 or more.

Payroll Services

Nothing creates unrest in the office more than incorrect payroll to your employees. We ensure a smooth payroll to save any headaches.

R&D Tax Credits

Discover if your company is eligible for R&D tax credits, lowering your corporation tax payment or obtaining a refund from HMRC.

Tax Deadlines

We've listed all the different tax return deadlines in the UK to help you make sure you don't miss them and pay a penalty to HMRC.

Actionable Analytics

Keep track of your entire business to have a clear idea of where your business is performing well and what issues may be on the horizon.

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We’ve got your back! We’ll get started saving you time and money, so you can focus on growing your business.

Want someone to do it all for you?

Washwood Heath Chartered Accountants

We all know that doing your accounts and tax return is a pain, but if you do it wrong or miss a deadline, you could end up paying too much tax or paying a hefty fine to HMRC.

With Quest Washwood Heath Accountants, you never have to worry about any of that ever again, as we’re trusted Birmingham tax accountants for small businesses based in the Jewellery Quarter with over 20 years of experience.

Discover how we can help you pay less tax, never miss an HMRC deadline and avoid any legal issues, allowing you to relax and concentrate on running your business.

Call us on 0121 2350315 for a chat or click on the button below. 

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What our clients are saying about Quest Washwood Heath Accountants:

What you get with Quest Washwood Heath Accountants

We’re the best small business accountants in Birmingham that offer great customer service and 100% dedication to the success of your business, but here’s a quick look at what else you’ll get when using Quest Washwood Heath accountants…

Have questions about tax? We've got answers!

If the director of a small business tries to do the business’ bookkeeping and accounting on their own, then they can face many problems.

One of the main problems they can incur is that they may file compliance paperwork and tax returns after the deadline, and this can result in hefty fines.

Also, they may fall behind with invoicing and they may also fail to claim certain expenses.

On top of this, if they make a mistake in the books, it can take several hours or maybe even days to fix, which is an unnecessary loss of time, and it can prevent the growth of the business.

If the director of a small business employs an accountant, then they will file their tax returns and paperwork on time, and they will also improve the cash flow of the business.

As well as this, they can offer financial advice to the directors of these businesses, which will help increase their profitability.

We are trusted Washwood Heath accountants for self-employed.

Contact Quest Washwood Heath Accountants for a FREE TAX REVIEW and a chat about how we can help you pay less tax, keep more money in your pocket and grow your business.

Accountants must get a formal education, which is often a bachelor’s degree in accounting/finance, whilst bookkeepers do not require such qualifications.

Therefore, a career in accounting is often seen as being more difficult than one in bookkeeping.

Bookkeepers are involved with day to day operations in a business and they document each transaction so that the business’ finances are well documented.

Accountants use the data provided by bookkeepers to provide financial analysis for businesses. Essentially, bookkeepers manage the day to day transactions of a business, whist accountants act as consultants when it comes to financial analysis, financial forecasting, strategies etc.

We are trusted Washwood Heath accountants for startups.

Contact Quest Washwood Heath Accountants for a FREE TAX REVIEW and a chat about how we can help you pay less tax, keep more money in your pocket and grow your business.

Your tax position can change based on the way your business is structured. For example, people who are self-employed have a different tax position from those who are the director of a limited company.

Looking for the best Birmingham accounting firm? Quest Chartered Management accountants have a wide range of knowledge regarding tax; therefore, they can offer their clients advice on the most efficient tax plans for their business.

Furthermore, accountants will ensure that businesses in Washwood Heath meet their tax deadlines, which helps the businesses save money as they will avoid penalties.

This money can then be invested into the business, thus helping it expand.

Contact Quest Washwood Heath Accountants for a FREE TAX REVIEW and a chat about how we can help you pay less tax, keep more money in your pocket and grow your business.

If a business in Washwood Heath would like a simple tax return, then it would cost between £75 and £350 plus VAT depending on how high the quality of the service is.

If a small business in Washwood Heath wants a standard set of accounts completed and sent to Companies House, then the average price would be £500 for the year.

However, it is important to note that the price can vary depending on the situation and complexity of the business.

Looking for trusted Washwood Heath accountants for your business?

Contact Quest Washwood Heath Accountants for a FREE TAX REVIEW and a chat about how we can help you pay less tax, keep more money in your pocket and grow your business.

Although businesses in Washwood Heath can set up payroll without an accountant, it is recommended to get an accountant to set up payroll as this is an area that they excel in. Getting your staff’s pay wrong at the end of the month is not recommended.

Accountants who set up a business’ payroll are usually responsible for balancing the business’ accounts, which one less major headache for you.

Contact Quest Washwood Heath Accountants for a FREE TAX REVIEW and a chat about how we can help you pay less tax, keep more money in your pocket and grow your business.

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