There are few, if any, business owners, who can honestly say, all PR spin aside, that they have never found themselves at the wrong end of a looming catastrophe. Emergencies can spring themselves upon you in the best of times, not to mention the worst of times. By their very nature, emergencies call for drastic action to resolve them; but the conundrum is that if you knew what action was called for, then most likely the situation would never have arisen.

So, when disaster strikes, where can you turn?

It is at times such as these, that you can be grateful of having a firm like Quest Chartered Management Accountants to hand; because we do so much more for you than accounting. We act as a business consultancy for our clients, so when times are rough, and you find yourself in a sticky situation, we can be there to help. Remember, that in all of the wide world of business, you are unlikely to be the first company to encounter what you are running into and with our years of practical business experience, it’s very likely that we’ve seen it before and can help you find a road out.

Sometimes it can just be a comfort and a relief and a help to have someone to talk to who’s willing to listen, duplicate and understand what you’re running into and to help you to figure it out for yourself.

So, whether you need to urgently raise funding for an investment opportunity, or advice on how to handle Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to grant you an extension on a tax deadline, or in fact anything, feel free to give us a call. We’re interested in helping you.