Going Concern

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Going Concern

Assuming that your business has made it through that difficult initial period and has survived its fair share of emergencies, why do you need to turn to a business consulting service like Quest Chartered Management Accountants?

What you are doing must be working, so why change anything?

In truth, your business may currently be in a good condition, but is it in a strong enough position that it can withstand the cannot be brought down by a sudden change of circumstances like inflation, recession, credit crunch etc.?

Help For Established Businesses

You may want to ask yourself, having found yourself in a reasonably successful condition, what exactly were the successful actions that got you here?

Do you know what actions should be reinforced to drive you to yet greater success? And which actions are actually retarding your expansion, which, dropped out, would again result in greater success?

Unless you know, in an attempt to expand, you could knock out the successful actions that got you where you are, while maintaining the unsuccessful ones that have only held you back.

Business consultancy, as offered by Quest, is just as vital for a going concern as it is for a business just starting out, if not even more so.

We can help to guide and direct you in your business decisions so as to stabilise what you already have while driving it forward to the next echelon.

We can help you out with decisions over company structure, questions as to which is the correct VAT scheme for your business, choices such as whether it is better to buy or rent property, options such as the selling of shares or the attracting of investors, whether it would be the right move to open new branches, and so on and so forth.

There are many, many variables with many, many outcomes; and before making any big decisions, it is always better and safer to talk it over with someone with business experience so that you can be confident that you are making the right decision.

Quest do have the experience, both in working with businesses and in making it as a business ourselves, and we’re willing to share that experience with you, no matter how big or small your business, no matter how new or how well-established.

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