Limited Company Accounting Birmingham

by Nick Bonnaud

Accounting for Limited Companies in Birmingham

Best Birmingham limited company accountants

Looking for the best Birmingham limited company accounting? We have the right package and a dedicated specialist accountant for your limited company.

Limited companies have limited tax liability and can access a variety of tax planning strategies.

Limited Company Accountants Birmingham UK

Quest CMA is the best choice for your limited company accounting. We have a dedicated limited company accountant in Birmingham for you. You will be assigned a dedicated accountant and all your financial questions will be addressed by our friendly, highly qualified team.

Limited Company Accounting Software

Leading accounting software is provided to help you reduce time to provide quotations and invoices to customers, chase payment and monitor any outstanding balances.

Services for Tailored Limited Company Accounting

We offer tailored tax and accounting packages to meet your needs. Our pricing and services are straightforward. We handle your accounting so you can focus on your business.

Expert Limited Company Accounting Advice

You can contact your dedicated accountant at any time for any questions regarding your limited company. They are available by phone, email, Microsoft Teams, or in person of course.

Deadline Reminders

We will send you regular reminders to remind you when your returns and accounts are due. This will help you to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines for your small business.

Limited Company accounting services include these items:

  • Submission of the Limited Company’s Corporation Tax Report
  • Limited Company accounts in full
  • Submission of your self-assessment tax returns
  • If required, preparation and submission of the VAT return
  • If applicable, manage the company’s payroll
  • Your own personal accountant
  • Accounting software that is easy to use
  • Perform routine bookkeeping
  • Business recommendations and tax efficiency
  • Representation during an HMRC investigation
  • Unlimited support and advice
  • For all your important deadlines, reminders
  • Access to business guides, and other resources

Call us on 0121 235 0315 to talk to our startup accountants in Birmingham for a free ‘no-obligation’ review and assessment to show you exactly how we can help you grow your business.

What is a Limited Company?

Best Limited Company Accounting in Birmingham UK – A limited company is a business structure that has been registered at Companies House as a legal “person”. It is independent of its owners and can enter into contracts under its own name. It is also responsible for its actions, finances, and liabilities.

Limited liability protects the owners of a company. This means that they are only responsible for business debts up to the value of their investments, or the guarantee they have given to the company.

Companies House (UK registrar for companies) must register a limited company as either a ‘limited-by-shares’ or ‘limited under guarantee’.

Limited by shares companies can be owned by one or several shareholders and managed or managed by one or multiple directors. Limited guarantee companies are managed by directors and owned by one or several guarantors.

You can have the same person as the director and owner of the company. This allows you to set up your own company or work with others.

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Benefits of being a Limited Company

Limited Liability – There are many reasons why you might consider trading through a Limited Company. One of the main benefits is that Limited Companies are legal entities independent from their business owners. This has many benefits, but the most important is the limited liability. This means that the assets of the company are kept separate from personal assets.

If the company is in financial trouble, the assets of the business owners will not be affected (unless personal guarantees have been signed). This is the best option if you have assets, such as property, that you want to protect.

Prestige – Limited companies have a higher perceived status than a Sole Trader, Partnership or business. This is primarily because larger businesses cannot trade without a Limited Company.

A Limited Company is a good option if you’re looking for investment in your business. This is due to the company’s share structure and the way it separates personal assets from business assets.

Other considerations – You should consider other factors when creating a Limited Company. These include the legal responsibilities of each director and the fact that certain information about your company will be made public via the Companies House website. Quest CMA can help you decide which option is right for your company and learn more about our Limited Company accounting package.

Call us on 0121 235 0315 to talk to our startup accountants in Birmingham for a free ‘no-obligation’ review and assessment to show you exactly how we can help you grow your business.

Call us on 0121 235 0315 to talk to our startup accountants Birmingham for a free ‘no-obligation’ review and assessment to show you exactly how we can help you grow your business.

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