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Running a business means you are affected by many different taxes. Let us make the complicated seem easy so you can spend more time on what you do best.
Tax Accounting covers several taxes which must be paid by businesses depending on several factors. Which taxes are relevant to you depends on you or your businesses unique situation. To find out more about each of these taxes, select the tax from below. If you are not sure which ones are relevant to you or your business, call us or fill in our contact form on the Contact Us page and we can have a free conversation to find out what you need.


As an accountant in Birmingham, Quest Chartered Management Consultants delivers all that you would expect from an accountancy firm servicing small to medium-sized companies and self-employed individuals in the West Midlands. But, if you explore our website a little further, you’ll see that we deliver a little more than you might expect.

We’ve learned that our clients…

  • Don’t like surprises; they like to have their fees laid out in advance so they can see what they’ll have to pay.
  • Like to be able to pick up the phone and talk things over without receiving a bill for the privilege afterwards.
  • Like it when their calls are returned.
  • Appreciate an accountant who is pro-active and is actively making continuous efforts to save them money.
  • are different. If you like it simple, we keep it simple. If you want to understand and discuss more, we’ll explain it until it’s you’re where you want to be.


But, above all, we’ve learned that clients want an accountant who is actually there, who can pay attention, who can listen, who can duplicate, who can understand, and who can then actually do something about the situation.

We are Quest. And we are here for you.